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About Us

About Us



      Ervan is an innovative enterprise with the mission of bringing intelligent, scientific and healthy drinking water to people. Products include thermal insulation bottles, heating and cooling bottles, smart thermostatic bottles, etc., providing one-stop services from design, research and development to innovative manufacturing.

      Started in 2013, it is located in Dongguan, the capital of intelligent manufacturing in China. It has its own brands and a number of invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents.

      Partners include Fortune 500 companies, such as Nestle, Starbucks, National Energy, ALESSI, Global, Sam International, BMW, etc. There are also 55 degrees, Shixi, Tencent, Little Water Monster, China Merchants Bank and many other well-known brands at home and abroad, and our products were exported to whole the world. And in 2013, we successfully reached a strategic cooperation with LKK, the largest design company in China, and jointly developed the first Black-tech bottle 55-degree cooling bottle” with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It sold more than 20 million pieces within three years of its launch.

     We firmly believe that  Ervan "Dream Factory", will become the pride of intelligent manufacturing in the global water bottle industry.

Company Vision: Enrich people's drinking water habits.

Mission: To bring people an intelligent, scientific and healthy drinking water life.

Values: Innovation, Integrity, Responsibility, Win-win.

Ervan Business Philosophy:

One. We have solved problems that generally exist in the industry but cannot be solved.

Two. We have done what our competitors unwilling to do, and done it well.

Three. We have done what our competitor failed to or cannot do,and done it well.

The needs of consumers and customers are the direction and goal of our continuous efforts to improve.